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Peoples and vidja games

So I went over to Jane’s place yesterday and played Injustice and TowerFall and Cathrin with her and Dan. which was awesome because fuck yeah local multiplayer. Her girlfriend came by later too so like I got to meet her which was cool. She’s totally cute.

Then I met up with this new guy from FetLife (who’s name I’ve already forgotten BECAUSE I AM THE WORST WITH NAMES). We walked around talking about like programing and trans things and stuff for like I guess a couple hours. Then we stopped by his apartment and continued to talk about things and stuff. He was nice. Plus I think he was taller than me and I really appreciated that.

Then I went back to Jane’s and hung out with her listening to Night Vale episodes and watching her get annoyed by Demon Souls till like it was almost morning.

Posted 12 hours ago (Wednesday July 23, 2014)
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#I'm so tall
#plus Jane lent me her copy of Fallout 3!
quantumpsychiatrist asked:
Question: What's the silliest thing Alice has ever done?

Silly in what way? I can’t think of anything!

Posted 2 days ago (Monday July 21, 2014)
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#she's so perfect
#and just when you're thinking that she's out of your league
#and that you're unimaginably lucky to be with her
#she goes and gets even perfecter


tfw you take a shower and realize you were a complete bitch for no reason

Sometimes I worry that I’m being a bitch, but then I remember how completely unproductive I am.

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quantumpsychiatrist said:

Regrettably, I’m too submissive to verbally humiliate you like that (Physically, though? I’ll consider it), but if Alice is that kind of person, well, I think I know which couple I wanna hang out with ;3

Alice keeps telling me how I’m apparently so great at doming her and it’s like the most ridiculous thing ever. I’m like the meekest shyest most passive and suby person ever and like I never take initiative in any way and like just no.

Posted 4 days ago (Saturday July 19, 2014)
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#I'd make a terrible dom
#I seem to keep ending up like tying people up and stuff more often than it happens to me
#but I'm bad at it
quantumpsychiatrist asked:
You go from cute to sexy in less than 4 words, like, "#I want someone to look at it and tell me how cute I am while they're choking me". I'm so jealous of everyone who has the privilege of seeing you in person <3

There exists people with both Kate seeing privilege and Kate choking privilege, but nobody has like acted on that privilege in so long.

Posted 4 days ago (Saturday July 19, 2014)
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#noblesse oblige
#that translates to
#you need to hold me down and tell me that I'm nothing but a worthless slut and that I belong to you and you can do anything you want with me
#and slap me and choke me and bite me and hurt me in all the good ways
#I can't wait to be with Alice again
#she never neglected her obligations
#just a couple months more...

It’s been almost half a year since I was with Alice

I miss her.

Posted 5 days ago (Friday July 18, 2014)
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#I miss her a lot
#a lot a lot

transitionalgirly said:

Interesting. Do you use the word “like” like a lot out loud because you use it a lot when you write on here. That speech pattern is used mostly by girls so that might be a tell that let’s people read you as not cis/straight.

I don’t know. I do say it in (like) normal conversation, but (like) I’m not sure if I say it (like) more or less often than I do in text. I should ask someone…

I probably say it more when I’m (like) rambling extra hard. I suck at articulating stuff.

On a tangentially related subject: I’m (like) really (fucking) unsure about (like) how often I swear. Because I used to say fuck (like) constantly and I assumed that I still did, but Jane (like) mentioned that I (like) apparently never curse and then when I first met Jess she commented on how I cursed way too much and (like) idk. Once Alice was like trying to argue that (like) cursing kinda genders a person as male, but that it (like) somehow seems super natural when I do it so I can (like) get away with it without it (like) effecting (or affecting? words!) how well I pass.

Posted 6 days ago (Thursday July 17, 2014)
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#I do think I've been slacking in terms of cursing
#but I've tried to make up for it by putting extra effort into my hexes
its-just-jillies asked:
Saying you don't pass is like saying the sun doesn't shine. If I didn't know you where Trans I wouldn't believe it. You're super cute and hot and nerdy and cool and stuff and just uggghhh the greatest!

Thanks! I know! I’m a total cutie!

Posted 6 days ago (Thursday July 17, 2014)
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#my self image varies wildly
#but like I looked in a mirror a sec ago
#and my face is adorable as fuck
#I want someone to look at it and tell me how cute I am while they're choking me
#because I'm a well adjusted person with very normal wants

Friendly reminder that I am always bored and asks are always welcome


send me all the asks

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So I guess I inevitably read as in some way queer to people

I was at the dentist and they were like making small talk and I was like telling them about how like I’m moving to the states and filing for a fiancee visa. They kept referring to Alice (who I hadn’t named) as just my “significant other” and eventually refereed to them as “he”. He totally assumed I was gay for guys. I mean it’s not like I was passing and he just thought I was a straight girl. He knew my given name and everything and like was calling me by that name and like I doubt he thought I was trans.

Which is cool I guess? I’m always wondering how people like interpret me.

Like I pass, but inconsistently and I don’t really present myself in a very gendering (like I have long hair and SOMETIMES I’ll wear a bra, but I never wear makeup or anything and like my clothes are all baggy and unisex and bland as fuck) or stereotypically queer way. So like I mostly assume that people either just think I’m a normal cishet nerdy awkward meek boy or a similarly dorky girl. But it’s like whatever. I like the idea of being in some way identifiably queer. Like that’s awesome.

Posted 6 days ago (Thursday July 17, 2014)
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#I'm actually bi
#and trans
#and poly
#and engaged to a lesbian
#definitely queerer than he probably thought I was
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Hi, I'm Kate.

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