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I really should have like tried to hang out with someone else before or after seeing him

This guy had messaged me on OkCupid ages ago. Apparently we had like talked about getting coffee together and then I cancelled on him. Whatever.

Then he messaged me on FetLife.

Then he added me on Steam and we made plans again and I cancelled again. I’m super reliable.

But I didn’t cancel on him this time! I actually saw him yesterday. I spent an hour and a half in transit to get downtown (hooray for living in the suburbs of the west island). Talked with him for like an hour and a half. Then spent an hour and a half getting home.

Posted 13 hours ago (Wednesday October 1, 2014)
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#a day in the life of a boring person
#I was going to make other plans
#but then I didn't
#I actually kinda really like taking public transit
#because I'm a weirdo
#the first thing he said to me was that I was taller than he expected
#like no shit
#I'm a trans girl
#we tend to be tall
Posted 2 days ago (Monday September 29, 2014)
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#butt touch
#Jane butt is good butt
#this gif is seriously all I ever think about when I'm touching someone's butt

Because it doesn’t matter if it’s late as fuck and you just got out of bed and you’re barely conscious. When a cute girl asks you if you want to spend the night at her place you go get ready as fast as you can and catch a fucking bus immediately!

So I went over to Jane’s place last night. We played some of the Smash Bro’s 3DS demo. We watched Boys Don’t Cry and cried. We cuddled. We slept. I mean she slept. I did get like an hour or two of sleep tho. In the morning we watched Tarzan (the like 90s animated movie). She’s awesome.

Posted 2 days ago (Sunday September 28, 2014)
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#Jane Jane Jane
#she's cute as fuck
#on the way home I got a freezie
#because fuck yeah freezies
#and the dollar store dude gendered me as a girl
#because apparently I pass
#even when I'm hella stubbly
#and just rolled out of bed
#and wearing nothing but boys clothes
#and no makeup
#and like not even wearing a bra
#so that's rad
#almost as rad as 50 cent pre frozen jumbo freezies

alicebitland said:

I am so lucky to marry you <3

I’m so lucky to marry YOU!

Posted 1 week ago (Monday September 22, 2014)
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#Alice Alice Alice
#I love her

Boring Kate


A perfect storm of cute

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#it's always safe and calm in the eye of the storm tho

Friendly reminder that trans girls are the best


We’re fucking awesome.

Correction: Trans girls aren’t just the best. Trans girls are the best of the best of the best.

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#trans girls know to shoot the human kid with the books on quantum physics
#she's about eight years old
#those books are WAY too advanced for her
#she's about to start some shit

genesis1900 said:

You let out a loud scream and destroy mountains with a laser?

and it’ll take 180 million kilowatts to penetrate my absolute terror field!

Posted 1 week ago (Thursday September 18, 2014)
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#fuck yeah octahedrons!
fiercy23 asked:
You're really hot

No I’m not. How would you even know my temperate? I’m actually feeling really cold right now.

Posted 1 week ago (Thursday September 18, 2014)
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#I'm like actually all bundled up in a blanket right now
#and still kinda cold

quantumpsychiatrist said:

How the actual fuck are you so perfect. How. What kind of angel even are you.

Some people say that I’m Sachiel, but I like to think that I’m more of a Ramiel.

Posted 1 week ago (Thursday September 18, 2014)
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#fuck yeah octahedrons!
blue-collar-girl asked:
You're so cute! I'm going to die of cute poisoning!

Just another reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to continue posting selfies! People are dieing from exposure to my cuteness! My face is a danger to the community!

Posted 1 week ago (Wednesday September 17, 2014)
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#and that's why you should always wear protective goggles when viewing Boring Kate selfies
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Hi, I'm Kate.

I'm into comics, video games, anime, and programming. I'm also trans, bi, and poly. So that's mostly what I post about.

I live in Montreal and I'm engaged to an amazing woman in Tulsa. I have no idea when I'm moving.

Feel free to ask me whatever.
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