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spudrph asked:
You are too cute, Kate!

Too cute? Oh gosh! I’m sorry! I’ll try not to overdo it anymore.

Posted 3 days ago (Saturday October 18, 2014 at 1:54 AM)
#I'm not really sure how to tone down my cuteness tho
#this is just my default state of being
traptastictasha asked:
Holy crap youre beautiful...just had to come by and share that with you...love your blog darling♥


Posted 3 days ago (Friday October 17, 2014 at 11:01 PM)
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Hooray for alcohol and poutine and cute boys and trans lit

Also neck bites. Hooray for neck bites.

Anyways I met up with that guy I went out drinking with like a month ago (note to self: his name is not Alex). We walked over to a mall food court and SAQ (I repeat: his name is NOT Alex). Sortilège is pretty okay (his name is Steve). The second trans woman writer’s night thing was tonight (Steve) so I dragged him to that (Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeve) and it was totally fucking rad (fuck I suck at names).

Posted 4 days ago (Friday October 17, 2014 at 1:06 AM)
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#hail Morgan Sea
#oh and I like went and briefly hung out with Jane at her school before seeing him
#she is cute
#I was going to go to this like panel on alternative life styles or whatever too
#but I woke up too late for it

Wednesday stuff

I met up with FX (who I haven’t seen in like so long) at Second Cup. She’s been on HRT for awhile now and came out to a bunch of people which is totally rad. Jane was like maybe going to drop by, but then she didn’t. Apparently she forgot it was today. I should have texted her. Anyways we like didn’t really stick around there for long. We just like walked around and hung out at a park and looked at junk in stores and stuff.

After FX left to go home I like met this new guy from OkCupid at Foonzo and we played a ton of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. He was hella cute, but we only hung out for like an hour and I don’t really expect to see him again. He pretty much only contacted me because he thought my trap shirt was funny and I pretty much only asked him out because I was going to be downtown anyways (and plus like Jane had said that when we first met I had been meeting a ton of new people and had like become less social since then and fuck).

Posted 5 days ago (Thursday October 16, 2014 at 2:04 AM)
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#the diary of a boring Kate

Jane talks a lot in her sleep and I'm easily confused

Jane: *Places my hand on the back of her neck*

Jane: This is my neck. This is my hair.

Me: What about it?

Jane: Touch it.

Me: *Rubs her neck*

Jane: Hand.

Jane: *Doesn't offer up a hand to hold or do anything other than say the word hand*

Me: I don't really... There isn't really enough room for me to move.

Me: *Awkwardly holds one of her hands with the one she placed on the back of her neck*

Me: Are you like actually awake?

Jane: *Sits up really suddenly*

Me: I'm sorry!

Jane: *Collapses and hugs me really tightly*

Me: Okay, but that isn't really an answer.

Posted 5 days ago (Thursday October 16, 2014 at 1:46 AM)
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#Jane Jane Jane
#Saturday stuff
#it was actually really nice
#like I was crying about being too fucked up to sleep and feeling trapped
#because idk I'm really fucked up
#and I just found it really comforting
#like equally comforting and confusing
#seriously tho she like always talks during the night
#and like sometimes it's mostly normal sensical stuff
#but then when I reference the conversation in the morning
#she like won't remember any of it
#because she was fucking asleep
#and I was stupid for assuming that she was awake
#just because she was talking and interacting

I spent the night and then most of the day with Jane

She texted me on Saturday asking if I wanted to crash at her place. So I did. We cuddled. She slept for a bit. Yada yada yada. Holy fuck she’s so fucking hot. We slept and cuddles some more. Then we played video games and talked and stuff. It was great.

Posted 1 week ago (Sunday October 12, 2014 at 10:40 PM)
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#Jane Jane Jane
#I'm going miss her a lot when I move away
#a lot a lot
#she asked me to come over on Thursday night too
#but I didn't
#because it was late and I'm stupid
#I'm really in love with her
#she's so fucking cute and oh gosh
self-critical-automaton asked:
Hi, this isn't a question, but I just wanted to say, wow, you are very gorgeous. I mean, like. Wow. I want to look like you. Is that weird? I'm sorry if that's weird.


I know! I’m adorable, right! It’s totally understandable to want to look like me, but if you ever manage to pull it off then you have to let me know. Because I want to make out with myself.

Posted 1 week ago (Saturday October 11, 2014 at 2:24 AM)
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#is that weird?
#I'm sorry if that's weird

Friendly reminder to take the occasional ten minute break from crying to play dress up and take selfies.

Bonus reminder that plastic jewelry is the best jewelery.

Posted 1 week ago (Friday October 10, 2014 at 11:06 PM)
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#children's dollar store jewelery is rad
#almost as rad as somehow feeling good about the selfies you took with your phone when you hadn't shaved in almost a week

Our K1 fiancee visa was approved!

I mean not really, but kinda. There’s still a ton of waiting to do and forms to fill out and I have to get interviewed and stuff and like Alice still needs to find a new job, but we’ve been approved past this stage in the process. Progress has been made!

Posted 1 week ago (Thursday October 9, 2014 at 5:52 PM)
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#Alice Alice Alice
#I can't wait to be with her
#everything is going to be awesome
#that took forever
#it got slowed down even more because like we got a request for evidence
#because we hadn't specified which state we would be getting married in
#and like same sex marriages are recognized federally but they still aren't performed in every state
#and at the time it still wasn't even legal in Oklahoma
#tho it is now
#so we won't even need to take a trip to another state to get married once I'm there


Please Help!

It’s finally come down to this! On the 14th I’ll be hopping on a plane and moving 1800 miles east to start my life anew. The budget was always going to be tight, but recent complications have made things even tighter. My bank is holding $270 hostage, and the county is withholding indefinitely an additional $390 that I’m owed. The universe has decided to humble me, and did it the best way it knows how: my bank account.

I’m sure the bank will give me the money soon, no real worries there, but the county has given me problems before and I certainly won’t be receiving any of that cash before the end of the month.

Donate Here!


I’m not looking for much, folks, I’m a cheap date. If you could find it to pitch in and get me a couple hundred dollars, I’ll have the means to stay afloat through the month. And if I got to that magic number of $390… that means fixing my laptop so I can start camming again, that means getting back on hormones asap, that means food in my fridge.

I won’t be able to create new content until after the move but it’ll worth the wait. Every dollar helps, however…

$5 will get you a personal photo as thanks.
$10 will get you the pic, and a future download of an extensive gifset made just for you awesome people.
$15 gets you all that, plus a future video download.
$20 or more… haha, I know that’s not happening, but hey, if it does I’ll think of something awesome!

Rewards will be handled wholly through email, as that’s the only contact info I’ll be getting.

I’m not expecting the world, I’m prepared that I probably won’t even reach my goal, but I really, truly need help right now. Donate, signal boost… anything. I just can’t be homeless again.

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Hi, I'm Kate.

I'm into comics, video games, anime, and programming. I'm also trans, bi, and poly. So that's mostly what I post about.

I live in Montreal and I'm engaged to an amazing woman in Tulsa. I have no idea when I'm moving.

Feel free to ask me whatever.
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