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Bras and bureaucracy

Alice finally mailed off the paperwork to like start the process of getting a fiancee visa so that I can go marry her and live with her and stuff! It’s really happening!

Plus I hung out with Jane and Eddie (like simultaneously and they didn’t hate each other so that’s cool) and wore a bra all day (which like okay isn’t a big deal, but like I had never worn a bra in public before so it kinda was for me? idk).

Posted 5 days ago (Friday April 18, 2014)
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So I was like getting groceries and stuff with my mom and we bumped into like a friend of hers that knew me when I was a kid and she was like “is this your daughter?”. I had like totally visible stubble and I was still wearing boy clothes and no makeup or anything (because fuck trying) and she still thought I was my sister. Because apparently I pass.

Posted 1 week ago (Sunday April 13, 2014)
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#oh and some kids with a smile if you masturbate sign called me she a few days ago
#I smiled
#I need to get into more like social situations where random people can like communicate how they casually perceive my gender
#because like it doesn't actually happen very often
#so like without anything to go on I just assume everyone still sees me as a guy
Posted 1 week ago (Sunday April 13, 2014)
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lightsarenigh said:

I’m down I mean I AM already trying to plan a trip to Montreal…


Posted 1 week ago (Sunday April 13, 2014)
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I saw Jane and Mina again yesterday

We met up at that tea shop that I was supposed to go to with Jane forever ago. It was nice.

We walked over to this clothing store. Jane wanted me to try things on and get some women’s clothes or something and like I’m fucked up so I didn’t want to and I was feeling really uncomfortable and self conscious and dysphoric and she was like wat why. Then she went to try on a shirt and came back like ten minutes later feeling dysphoric too. Mina continued to be hella passable and confident in her ability to remain stealth.

Then we spent like five hours at a Subway.

We made a quick trip over to Jane’s brother’s new place.

Then Mina went home.

Then we went to this party that turned out to not really be much of a party and watched like half of Looper.

Posted 1 week ago (Sunday April 13, 2014)
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#I had a good time
#jane looks badass in green shades
#my hobbies include shouting in restaurants about my love of dicks and crying on buses
#in other news Mina's boyfriend broke up with her
#which is fucked

lightsarenigh said:

93%! Heeeeey there XD

The internet has decided that we need to date! There’s no debating an algorithm!

Posted 1 week ago (Sunday April 13, 2014)
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#I think this means that we're like morally obligated to at least sleep together

transfaerie said:

We are an 84% match! :3

awesome :D

I’m only a 74% match with Alice D:

Posted 1 week ago (Sunday April 13, 2014)
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#I remember it being even way lower than 74
#maybe she answered more questions or something
obaru asked:
Where is your okcupid account? I can't find it!


Posted 1 week ago (Sunday April 13, 2014)
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#the username BoringKate was already taken

So I got stood up by someone from OkCupid again (and I don’t think it was my fault this time)

So like yeah I was supposed to meet this guy yesterday at a Starbucks at like 5 ish. I got there and waited until five forty. I didn’t see him. He gave me his number so I texted him a few times and never got a reply. He hasn’t replied on OkCupid either. So that sucks.

Anyways, Eddie was free, so I hung out with him for the rest of the night.

But also yeah in retrospect I think there may have just been like a miscommunication about where I was supposed to meet that other OkCupid guy that seemingly stood me up (like a year ago). Ugh. I could have had kinky sex with a hot guy.

Posted 1 week ago (Thursday April 10, 2014)
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Anonymous asked:
I'm trans and I don't exist to trick guys into being gay. I'm lesbian, mtf so I guess that means nothing? Trans people exist because Our brains were not fully oriented male before birth. I'm not accusing or trying to be rude, I just think you should consider other transgender people before you throw somesomething out there. That's why there's hate crimes. Plus you wouldn't want to say that in public.

I know. I’m trans. I was being sarcastic. The whole trope about trans women trying to trap men and turn them gay is really obviously bullshit.

Posted 1 week ago (Thursday April 10, 2014)
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#sorry for any confusion I guess
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