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Anonymous asked:
Hi Kate, Not a question but a comment. When you smile (as in the selfie from April 2014 in the "dog?" costume)... You light up my life, girl. You definitely need to smile more. I wish you lived closer to me (e MA US) so I could get to know you. Not trying to hit on you (I know your engaged), just have some feels. Be well and happy.

Dawwwww thanks!

Posted 6 hours ago (Friday August 22, 2014)
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#it's actually a seal kigurumi
#and if you're a girl then my fiancee would be cool with it
Anonymous asked:
>tfw you want to meet Kate but you're an uncontrollable axe murderer. : [

Nobody’s perfect.

Posted 1 day ago (Thursday August 21, 2014)
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#are you really a murderer
#or a murderess?

quantumpsychiatrist said:

How many cats have you stolen in your life?

Probably somewhere around fif- I mean… Just that one… Only one…

Posted 3 days ago (Tuesday August 19, 2014)
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#no seriously I've never stolen a cat
#just Clementine
#and we didn't really steal her
#we just kinda borrowed her without permission
#and like I think that was a totally understandable mistake
#like her owner had like let her wander around outside for weeks
#without a collar or anything
#like it was pretty reasonable to conclude that she was a stray


I just very suddenly lost my job. It was completely unexpected and I’m almost entirely unprepared. Through all of this emotional turmoil and self-blame, I can barely muster the ability to come onto tumblr and ask people for help.

I’m very good at managing money and ran my budget. I can coast for a small period of time but things are going to get very dangerous very soon. I’m obviously immediately jumping on getting new employment. I’m putting a donate button if you can help at all. I’m hoping I can get at least $300-500 so that my budget can include HRT as well as living expenses.

As soon as I can get employment, which should hopefully be by the end of the month, I will be removing the donate button. Thank you all for your generosity. I know that tumblr really comes together when someone is in crisis. This isn’t just for me either, I’m taking care of zoewarriorprincess right now and trying to give her a home and love. Anything that affects me also affects her. ❤

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zoewarriorprincess asked:
Kate your super pretty and i don't think you even have a boy mode at all. :P <3


Posted 3 days ago (Monday August 18, 2014)
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So I guess I inevitably read as in some way queer to people


I was at the dentist and they were like making small talk and I was like telling them about how like I’m moving to the states and filing for a fiancee visa. They kept referring to Alice (who I hadn’t named) as just my “significant other” and eventually refereed to them as “he”. He totally assumed I was gay for guys. I mean it’s not like I was passing and he just thought I was a straight girl. He knew my given name and everything and like was calling me by that name and like I doubt he thought I was trans.

Which is cool I guess? I’m always wondering how people like interpret me.

Like I pass, but inconsistently and I don’t really present myself in a very gendering (like I have long hair and SOMETIMES I’ll wear a bra, but I never wear makeup or anything and like my clothes are all baggy and unisex and bland as fuck) or stereotypically queer way. So like I mostly assume that people either just think I’m a normal cishet nerdy awkward meek boy or a similarly dorky girl. But it’s like whatever. I like the idea of being in some way identifiably queer. Like that’s awesome.

UPDATE: He called me she. He thinks I’m a girl. He wasn’t assuming that I was a gay boy. He was assuming that I was a straight girl.

When I went today I like hadn’t shaved in a day and like was wearing a hella tight sports bra and my baggiest shirt and looked like crap and I was as boy mode as I could be and he knew my given name and everyone was calling me that and using male pronouns and he was still like nah that’s a she.

I guess it’s super obvious that I’m a trans girl?

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Posted 3 days ago (Monday August 18, 2014)
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#she seriously was the nicest cat I've ever stolen
complacentmalcontent asked:
I've descended from the sky to say that you're a cutie. The seer has spoken. Bye now.


Posted 4 days ago (Monday August 18, 2014)
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I never set out to be a catnapper, but stuff happens

It turns out that the cat (which Jane had talked me into taking after her mother took it in after it had been seen like wondering around their block for a couple weeks) hadn’t really been abandoned and somebody came looking for it. So Jane just came by and picked it up to take back it it’s actual owner.

Posted 4 days ago (Sunday August 17, 2014)
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#she was the nicest cat I ever took part in stealing

I’ve had this tumblr account for two years

and fuck I missed the anniversary. I meant to like post about it on like the day of. Whatever… My first post was on August 12th 2012.

Posted 5 days ago (Sunday August 17, 2014)
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#a lot has changed in the last two years
#tumblr is just really important to me
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