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A bunch of random shitty generic blury old pics of my boring face. Because… I don’t know!

Posted 3 days ago (Tuesday July 29, 2014)
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Been waiting a year to post this.

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#tfw definitely sleeping alone tonight

Jane came by again last night

We played a few N64 games (mostly Paper Mario). We had screwdrivers. She staid the night. I cried (like usual (I’m a very emotionally stable person)). Good times.

Posted 5 days ago (Sunday July 27, 2014)
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#we like cuddled in bed for like 12 hours
#and I like actually slept for a notable chunk of it
#why am I so tired
#tired like crazy
faunwood asked:
Do you know if quality health inc ships to the US?

Yep! I can confirm that QHI ships to the United States.

Posted 5 days ago (Saturday July 26, 2014)
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This is Jane.

Goodbye, that was Jane.

Posted 6 days ago (Saturday July 26, 2014)
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Anonymous asked:
do you follow some anime?

I like anime, but I haven’t really watched much lately.

Posted 1 week ago (Friday July 25, 2014)
Anonymous asked:
do you know an italian man called pietro?


Posted 1 week ago (Friday July 25, 2014)
#is pietro a meme or something?

Peoples and vidja games

So I went over to Jane’s place yesterday and played Injustice and TowerFall and Cathrin with her and Dan. which was awesome because fuck yeah local multiplayer. Her girlfriend came by later too so like I got to meet her which was cool. She’s totally cute.

Then I met up with this new guy from FetLife (who’s name I’ve already forgotten BECAUSE I AM THE WORST WITH NAMES). We walked around talking about like programing and trans things and stuff for like I guess a couple hours. Then we stopped by his apartment and continued to talk about things and stuff. He was nice. Plus I think he was taller than me and I really appreciated that.

Then I went back to Jane’s and hung out with her listening to Night Vale episodes and watching her get annoyed by Demon Souls till like it was almost morning.

Posted 1 week ago (Wednesday July 23, 2014)
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#a day in the life of a Boring Kate
#I'm so tall
#plus Jane lent me her copy of Fallout 3!
quantumpsychiatrist asked:
Question: What's the silliest thing Alice has ever done?

Silly in what way? I can’t think of anything!

Posted 1 week ago (Monday July 21, 2014)
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#she's so perfect
#and just when you're thinking that she's out of your league
#and that you're unimaginably lucky to be with her
#she goes and gets even perfecter


tfw you take a shower and realize you were a complete bitch for no reason

Sometimes I worry that I’m being a bitch, but then I remember how completely unproductive I am.

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Hi, I'm Kate.

I'm into comics, video games, anime and programming. I'm also trans. So that's mostly what I post about.

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